Salted Studio, a year along


I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday.

This post is a few months since Salted Studio's 1st birthday. After a well needed breakaway to Namibia to refresh the soul and get ready for 2017, I was blessed to arrive back at the office with an abundance of work. This is the first time that I've been able to sit and take some time to relook our branding and business approach. I decided to take the time to look back on 2016 and write down a few things I learnt during the year. So with a refreshed look at our website and a reworked business plan, here are the few things I can share with you that I've learnt in a year (and a bit) as Salted Studio. 

T H E  F I R S T  Y E A R  I S  T O U G H

There are many growing pains that people don't tell you when you decide to go on your own and start a business. The sleepless nights worrying about income and where you are going to find your next client is just to name a few. Persistence is key! There comes a time though when it’s as if all the planets align and your hard work pays off and you really start seeing everything fall into place.

I've been fortunate to work with wonderful clients and continue to see some of them coming back. Towards the end of 2016 I started a collaboration with Ardent Media where we expanded our services into Social Media Management. This has been such a great learning experience and continues to bring us engaging and interesting clients each month!

Another highlight was being featured on Defunked, having my name mentioned along side the other talented creatives on the website was a real honour! I can only hope that Salted can top this in 2017.

B A L A N C E  I S  E S S E N T I A L

I'm a firm believer in having balance in life. Balance between work and family is essential. I put in a lot of effort to meet my goals for Salted Studio that I have set, and once meeting them to create more, that way I keep pushing myself to keep growing and learning. At the same time, it is very important for me to have time for my family and friends and personal goals.

Learning how to balance everything is somewhat an underestimated task. I decided to start training for my first ultra-marathon; we moved house three times and I still needed to juggle Salted's growing workload. It is amazing that once you set your mind to everything you can accomplish your tasks, and it’s so rewarding being able to tick off things from the list.

It’s all a learning curve and will only help me streamline my 2017.

L O O K I N G  A H E A D ,  2 0 1 7

Looking forward, I am hopeful that Salted Studio will continue to grow and move forward. We've moved into a new office and I feel being in a new space is always good for the soul. This year we are looking to expand our online presence into an exciting new venture (watch this space). 

Most important is never to stop learning. I make an effort to see what my fellow creatives are up to and what the new trends are. It is good to learn from each other, as young entrepreneurs we should build each other up instead of being overly competitive. We are part of a handful creative business owners, so let’s help each other grow!

I’m trying to learn not to stress about the small things. There is no need to waste positive energy on the smaller things you cannot change but rather throw yourself into what you can change and improve on those aspects! Focusing on the positive and what makes you happy creates a fun and constructive work environment. At the end of the day you want to be surrounded with like-minded people - "Your vibe attracts your tribe".

Here's to a happy and successful 2017!

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